Dermatitis Learn To Cope

Are you dealing with a skin condition called Perioral Dermatitis? Do you have a rash around your nose and mouth and perhaps your eyes?
If so, you are well acquainted with the burning, the itching, the dryness, and perhaps even the seeming perniciousness of this rash.
I also dealt with Perioral Dermatitis, and it was many months before I was healed. In those months I tried product after product, and I also tried some of the medicines recommended by my dermatologist. There were many days of heartache, disappointment, tears, and frustration as I sought to be healed completely.
In this article I want to take a look at what I believe can lie behind a skin condition such as Perioral Dermatitis, or any skin condition for that matter.
After doing lots of research and reading into the mind/body connection, and after studying the opinions of experts in this field, I have come to believe that our skin is intricately related to Joy.
Many mental health professionals will attest to the fact that they have rarely had a depressed client without some sort of skin issue. Now I am not saying that you are depressed because you have Perioral Dermatitis. What I am asking you to consider though is how Joy or lack of Joy might be playing a part in your skin’s health.
Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Just imagine how it might respond to our inner emotional  we are sad or holding onto the past, if we are living in an emotional state that is lower than Joy, imagine how our large protective outward organ might play that out, how it might show up.
Joy can be so often “faked” in our modern lives. We want others to think we are doing well so we “put on a happy face”. And the presence or absence of authentic joy is a strong indicator of where we are in our unconscious mind. Joy is not tied to circumstances. True Joy, I believe, is related to love. Where there is love, there is joy.
So what does this mean for you today? What does this mean for you as you are seeking to be healed from Perioral Dermatitis? Ask yourself about Love. I am not indicating you need to be in the perfect loving relationship to experience Joy. What I am talking about goes much deeper. Do you know you are loved? Do you love yourself? Do you know that the Universe, God, Source, whatever you choose to call it, loves you completely? These are the conversations to be engaging in today.
You are  are  just are. Take time to really receive that. To let go of all that is hindering this belief, to let go of unforgiveness, to let go of resistance, to let go of the past. You are so powerful, and you have a choice today to pick up Love and Joy and to let go of hurt, pain, disappointment, bitterness.
I believe that as you continue to engage this process of discovering yourself, discovering Love afresh, you will be healed. Make this engagement a priority—you will find yourself not only healed of your skin condition, but healed in so many other places as well. For me, I began to be healed from Perioral Dermatitis as I started to relax, to relate afresh to some circumstances I felt threatened by, and as I began to love myself in the new season of life I was in.
The same can come true for you!
Here is to your Joy and your Health!

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