Medication For A Healthy Heart

Some people are suggested to take aspirin if they have already had a heart attack. Aspirin also helps keep your arteries clear for those who have had a bypass surgery, or any other artery opening surgery. In healthy people, aspirin is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration because of the risks involved with taking it. Before taking aspirin you should talk to your doctor first. You need to see if taking aspirin is really worth the risks.

Digitalis is used on people when their heart function has been damaged or altered. Digitalis works by making the heart pump harder. It can also regulate the beating of your heart.

ACE Inhibitor
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitor works by stopping the making of the chemical that can narrow your blood vessels. It can also be used to control high blood pressure, and also for a damaged heart muscle. After a person has had a heart attack, an ace inhibitor may be prescribed to make the heart pump blood better. It may also be given to a person who’s heart has failed.

Beta Blocker
Beta blockers work by slowing the heart down. That causes the heart to beat without working so hard. Because of this, the blood pressure drops. This is used for pain in your chest, high blood pressure and to prevent a person from having a second or third heart attack.

Doctors prescribe these because they relax your blood vessels. This will also stop any chest pain.

Calcium Blocker
Doctors give this to people who have chest pain as well. This can also help your blood vessels and is commonly used for people with higher blood pressure.

Diuretic pills are sometimes called “water pills”. They work by flushing out the water in your body. They are most commonly used for people who have high blood pressure

Thrombolytic agents
These are sometimes called “clot busting drugs”. These are given to a person when they are having a heart attack. They break up blood clots in the coronary artery to get the blood flowing normally again.

People who have heart failure are at an increased risk of getting blood clots. These can occur in vessels especially in the lungs, and heart. When a clot is present in the heart, it causes the heart to beat out of control, and causes blood to fill the atria. The clot can travel to the vessels that supply the brain with blood and oxygen, and if this happens, a stroke occurs.
To prevent stokes, doctors give their patients blood thinners. One blood thinner prescribed is called Coumadin. This heart medication prevents the blood from forming clots.

People who take blood thinners can have numerous side effects. They can have bleeding in the gums, nose bleeds, easily bruised, and they can bleed when they shave. If you are on blood thinners be sure to report all your bleeding and bruising to your doctor right away. Your doctor may have you do regular blood testing just to keep up on how well your blood clots.
Another heart medication that you haven’t thought about is potassium. This controls your heart beats and it is important to have the right about in your body, especially for a healthy heart. Check with your doctor to see if you need to take potassium.

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