Natural Remedies to Relieve an Earache

Ear infections and earaches can be extremely painful, ranging from a dull ache to a sharp, burning type of pain that can also radiate to your neck and jaw. Ear pain can cause you to lose concentration and be unable to perform your daily tasks. An ear infection is often caused by a bacteria or virus that gets into the middle ear, but can also be a result of ear wax accretion, allergies or upper respiratory issues. As there are three parts of the ear, each part can get infected, with the inner ear infection often being most painful. However, there are some natural home remedies available to help relieve an earache.

Using Garlic to Relieve an Earache

Well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, garlic is very good for reducing pain in the ear. To treat your earache, try a couple of drops of warm garlic oil, twice a day as garlic will work as a natural antibiotic. You can also use raw garlic. By inserting one garlic clove directly into the ear, it not only relieves the pain sensation but also creates a warm feeling in the area, thus allowing you to relax more quickly.

Use Olive Oil to Reduce an Earache

If you have a large quantity of ear wax, there is a possibility that the pain you feel is due to a fungal or bacterial growth in the ear, causing a blockage because there is excessive wax in the ear canal. This can easily be treated by using olive oil. After warming up the oil, put a few drops directly into the ear to soften the wax, which can then easily be removed.

Basil and Peppermint Oil as Natural Remedies for an Earache

Basil is an aromatic herb, best known for its high antioxidant quality and antibacterial characteristics. By crushing basil leaves, you are basically expelling juice from the herb which is then applied on the area around the ear. As it is quite strong, do not put the juice directly into the ear canal, but apply around the affected area. Peppermint oil is antibacterial and offers instant pain relief as it also has some anesthetic characteristics. It is very strong so do not use it directly in the ear canal.

Ginger Fights Ear Inflammations

By grating fresh ginger and mixing it with warm olive oil, you are creating a compound that not only relieves pain but also fights the infection as ginger has a very strong natural anti-inflammatory effect and olive oil lubricates the ear and warms the area. You can also use ginger juice by dropping it directly into the sensitive area.

Tea Tree Oil Helps with Ear Pain

Tea tree oil has very strong antiseptic properties and is extremely helpful in pain management. It is one of the most widely used essential oils as it also offers antimicrobial and antiviral effects. By mixing a couple of drops of this oil with some warm olive oil and dropping it in your ear, you create a concentrated liquid that helps alleviate pressure in the ear and reduces pain.

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